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Built, Not Born: David Goggins Challenge Series

David Goggins is a legend in the fitness community.

His machine-like discipline, grueling workout regimen and no-excuses mindset are pillars in his daily grind. We share these pillars at Kōru Performance, and we believe everyone, from the daily grinders to the casual gym goers, deserves a fitness product in line with these pillars. 

Known for his intense, physically demanding regime, Goggins even wrote a book on the subject, Can't Hurt Me, in 2018. And in a recent Instagram post, the author and former Navy SEAL shared the mindset that he has used to keep up the same level of effort in his workouts now that he did during his military training 20 years ago. 

"I don't negotiate with myself," he said, elaborating on what he meant in the caption.

"If you are a person who wakes up everyday wondering why you are in the same position you have been in for years, I can almost guarantee you it is because you were in the negotiation phase of your life for too long," he wrote. "Life requires an abundant amount of action. There is no action taken in the negotiation and explaining away phase."

In other words, making excuses is just another way of expressing that you are arguing with yourself or justifying why you haven't been working toward your goals. At least, it is how Goggins sees it.

Sure, having life kick you in the backside might make you feel depressed, but it can also be used as fuel to help you overcome obstacles in the future.

In his instance, the fuel went nuclear a long time ago.

"When it’s early and you don’t want to get up, you wake the **** up!" He continued. "When you don’t want to go to run, you put your shoes on and go run regardless if it is hot, cold, windy, snowing, etc. If you just got home from school and are having a hard time with a particular subject, you sit your ass down and start studying that very subject again. If you are an athlete and you just can’t hit the shot, after practice, you pick the ball back up again until you get it. These examples are people who don’t negotiate with themselves. This shit can be exhausting. Even more than exhausting, it can be frustrating and mind-numbing. The amount of work and effort required can be overwhelming which is why the majority of us love to negotiate our goals and 'explain away.'"


Goggins is famous for his 4x4x48 challenge. An event that many customers of Kōru are certainly familiar with.

What is the 4x4x48?

Run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. Seems simple enough, but it requires the right mindset and the right tools. Let’s dig deeper. 

That’s 4 miles, 12 times. Over a 48 hour period.

So 48 miles in total (or 77 kilometers). This is basically an ultramarathon with a twist. Instead of doing all those miles in one run, the challenge is broken into 12 4-hour chunks.

This prevents your legs from becoming overly tired as they typically do during an ultramarathon since you never run for too long without stopping.

However, it also implies that you never really get an opportunity for a break, a chance to get some genuine rest, or a chance to let your body heal.

What is the best method to endure a 4x4x48 challenge, which is perhaps the toughest David Goggins Challenge available? What effects does all this have on the body?

Let me start by sounding the alarm for anyone who thinks they can go through one of these without too much pain: the 4x4x48 challenge will push you to the edge, whether it is psychologically, physically, or both.

First off is the mental tiredness. Systems and a strong support team must be in place for it. In the end, the mental reward is as great as any, so enjoy the journey! It will be grueling at times, but that’s where we, as humans, see the most satisfaction and development. 

Secondly, go slow. It’s not a race but an endurance challenge. Strength train your legs and run on them after squat workouts. Many that have run this event have emphasized this part. Running on tired legs isn’t natural for most. When you train legs, you generally rest them right afterward for multiple days. This challenge doesn’t allow for that. Run on tired legs over and over until it feels natural and not like your legs are jello. 

Lastly, sleep excessively. Begin the challenge early, around 4 a.m. or so. And whenever you can get winks of sleep in, do it. Rest is the only way to optimally attack this challenge. And your body sleeps deepest from midnight until 4 a.m., at least for those operating within the circadian rhythm. 

Anyone who decides to take on the 4x4x48 challenge will face a taxing physical endurance test, but the greatest thing is that it is non-competitive. The task can be finished at your own speed as a result.

Even Goggins urges non-runners to adjust the challenge to their level of fitness. He urged non-runners to alter their challenge by doing anything else, such as walking or jogging for 45–60 minutes of each four-hour leg, in an Instagram post.


At Kōru, we’ve developed a set of performance brands for any marathon runner, triathlete or other outdoor fitness enthusiast.

Starting with our flagship product, the Endurance Lotion. Use Endurance in training to push your limits and also on race day to drive you towards your next PR! Apply daily as part of your pre-workout and pre-race routine for high performance results.

Also, a pro tip for any 4x4x48 challengers, stay hydrated. You must drink enough water throughout your endeavor. Make sure to plan for water breaks to keep your body functioning at its best. Also, don't forget to stretch after finishing to aid in your body's recovery.

Speaking of recovery, we developed another product as part of our core three, the Recovery Lotion. Skip the ice routine and recover on the go using our optimized muscle relaxant cream to soothe chronic pain. Our vitamin D lotion and menthol-infused formula is a natural remedy for muscle aches, leg cramps and joint pain, leaving the body revitalized and ready to perform. Administer daily.

Getting active in any form, whether it be walking, doing pushups, swimming, or riding a bike, is highly beneficial to your health and general well-being. If you are unable to run, especially for the duration of this challenge, walk. The enjoyment of the challenge and simply being outdoors are enough to take on the 4x4x48. 

Of course, your skin will likely take some heat during the 4x4x48. And quite frankly, a daily skin routine is optimal for your health regardless of your physical activity. As part of our core three, we offer our own Body Butter, clinically tested and proven by our Kōru team. 

Most moisturizers on the market are filled with harsh chemicals to increase margins for big corporations. Our stuff was made by fitness athletes and long-distance runners. We urge you to stop using the generic moisturizers that could possibly affect your skin’s ability to effectively absorb the Koru Performance products and make sure your skin is in optimal condition. 

As a bonus, we’ve included 4,000 IU of transdermal Vitamin D to provide an immunity boost, enhance sleep quality and support brain function. Vitamin D lotion is more important now than ever before for health and wellness. We recommend daily application of the Body Butter. 

In conclusion, Goggins is a warrior. His story speaks for itself and offers a rebirth and rise greater than most Hollywood stories. 

All three of our core items are available as a bundle, the Starter Kit. Help support our mission as outdoor athletes and join the Koru family today! We are always available for questions or comments

Keep an eye out for the next blog in our Built, Not Born series!

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