Tempe, Arizona

NOVEMBER 20, 2022



It's time for the 2022 IRONMAN Arizona! The first event in Arizona will take place on November 20, 2022, and will begin with a swim in Tempe Town Lake, consisting of a single loop, followed by a difficult bike route consisting of three loops across the Sonoran Desert. The race will conclude with a spectator-friendly loop that goes around Papago Park and Tempe Town Lake. However, participants are to register before the event on the official Ironman Arizona website.


The Course Overview

Athletes are strongly encouraged to go through a mini-course, which can be found on the official IRONMAN website. This will allow athletes, especially newcomers, to get a sense of the challenge that lies ahead of them. You can also take a look at the courses below.


The race begins with a swim in Tempe Town Lake, which consists of a single loop. Athletes will walk to the start of the swim, which is located just to the west of the transition, and self-seed themselves based on their anticipated swim times. Athletes will begin their day by entering the water after participating in this controlled rolling start. The athletes are going to walk down the ramp and then enter the water. After paddling in a westerly direction for a short distance:

  • Turn right and follow the shoreline to the lake's north side.
  • After passing the Rural bridge, continue along the north bank until you reach the buoy line and turn around to swim back toward the south side.
  • Turn around and swim back in the direction of the Mill Avenue bridge, then use the ramp in front of the KPMG building to exit the lake when you have emerged from the sea, and transition by going west.
  • Cut Off: 

  • 2 Hours and 20 minutes after the last swimmer in the water. (subject to change)
  • Bike

    This reasonably flat three-loop course leaves Tempe and zigzags out to Beeline Highway, then climbs gently for about 10 miles past the Salt River Indian Community to the turnaround immediately before Shea Boulevard. After that, competitors make their way back to Tempe Beach Park to begin their second and third circuits.

    Cut Off: 

    • 10 hours and 10 minutes after the last athlete enters the water. (subject to change)

    Intermediate Cut-Offs: 

    • Start of the 3rd lap - 3:10 pm
    • Bike Aid 3 - 4:49 pm (subject to change)


    The run course is mostly flat and is designed to be spectator-friendly; however, there are a few small rollers as the participants make their way through Papago Park and around Tempe Town Lake. Because there is very little shade on the course, athletes should make sure to carry a visor or cap in their transition bag for the race.

    Cut Off:

    • 16 hours and 40 minutes after the last swimmer in the water.
    • Intermediate Cut Off: Start of the 3rd Lap - 10:04 pm (subject to change)


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